I saw something in the light.

No, that’s not true.  Almost, but not quite.  And when you read the words which follow these words you read now, you will need to carefully consider truth, and what truth is, if you truly want to understand.

Truth might be what you believe, or it may be more accurate to say truth is what you have learned and what you continue to tell yourself, even now.  Your own personal mantra.

You might have reached a state of grace, or evolved to what you perceive to be a higher level or state of awareness.  Nirvana might be something you think you can aspire to; but is that really truth, or just a quieting of the mind; where all further interrogation and questioning has stopped, and doubt has foundered to the smallest, most imperceptible flame, as tremulous and fragile as a sputtering birthday candle? 

Make a wish.  Many happy returns.  Blow.

So when I say I saw something in the light, I’m not being entirely truthful.  I’m being deliberately ambiguous.  Which can mean two or more things.  If life is more simple for you, as simple as being left or right handed, well then I can only apologise.  Sometimes life is not a clear cut as that.  Sometimes life is more - ambidextrous, shall we say.  Both hands may be involved and there is no guarantee one knows what the other one is doing at any given moment, or even aware of the existence of the other.  One may hide behind a convenient back, crossing fingers to ward off evil or to tell a lie without being jinxed.  The other?  Well.  Perhaps best not to go into that here.

No matter how sure you are; how completely positive; how absolutely certain, you simply can’t hold truth in your hand.  You just can’t.  Unless you have an infinite number of hands which can hold an infinite number of truths in an infinite number of moments in an infinite number of universes.  So I'm sorry, I really am, but you will have to decide for yourself if what follows is what you perceive to be true, all the time remembering you might be the only one who believes I saw something in the light.  You and no one else. No one.

But I didn’t see something.  I saw someone in the light.  I think you know who it is.  Yes; the fact is you’ve always known who I saw.  But can you believe it?  Will you?  Do I? 

At the moment I feel very sure.  And yet I’m sure it must be impossible - inexplicable.  But it was so amazing, so magnificent - so incredible I can hardly dare allow myself to think this way because such thoughts must surely lead to madness.  Perhaps you already think me mad.  I rather think you do.

But at the moment I don’t care.  At the moment I’m very sure.  I saw someone in the light. 

It was miraculous.

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